Sunday, January 29, 2006

an alian in london

+An it-alian in London+
Photographic/Mixed Media Artist living and working in London.

Discovering this city: for me was all about taking my lense and walking about for hours on end. People watching through my lense, capturing city life, I observe the light and shadows in shapes,textures and objects, in the archictecture, landcape enviroments, and also explore taking portraits.
Whilst touring the different areas of London, I am able to satisfy my other passion; that of collecting and recycling discarded objects that I often find on route, and drag home to my workshop(top of my stairs). I use the material and odd lost things, aswell as using industrial waste found in building skips to create pieces, sculpture and installations,
I have used breeze blocks to make sculptures, carving out heads in the soft but strong man-made material.
I am currently designing and making jewellery pieces,that can be used as a hunting tool for real situations when outdoors.

I create and develop pieces to highlight the natural substance and beauty found in simple shape and objects by using shadow light and balance, recycling and changing its use.

sculpture & installation

Volume+scale:installation mobile

This piece is made up of odd lengths of chain, aluminium beer cans and jewellery pieces.
Wood Play

The main idea behind these pieces of work was to show how volume and scale could be calculated quickly. All sculptures are held by their own weight and equilibrium of the parts, no glue has been used, and the pieces of wood are not slotting into one another. Photography introduces mystical qualities to the pieces through contrasting shadows with the real objects.





Friday, January 27, 2006


Italian Still Life


I try not to restrict myself to using conventional materials whilst exploring new materials,textures and shapes, in which to sculpt or carve into. Here i have used clay to explore the simple beauty in the oval egg shape. I photograph my discoveries to highlight the beauty of these eaten or perishable products.

Italy Lago Maggiore


Long Pool shadow/

[2002: Shadows:240 project Lancaster road,Ladbroke Grove]


jewellery: (hunting tools you can wear)for outdoor adventures)
The Hunter
These pieces were created from slate that is used around the enviroment on the city streets.
I have cut the design to resemble hunting tools, for when one finds oneself having to survive in the out doors! each having specific size arrow heads and shaped for different uses; i.e fish , birds ect.
The idea to turn the pieces into jewellery came from wearing the first tool that I created and friends asking me for one, so I made them smaller so both men and women can wear them.

(These pieces are now for sale for £10.00 for the larger and £7.00 for the small)

The Hunter pieces were carved out of these pieces of slate.

my workspace

-----Looking For Space------------
This is where i work in my tiny flat,although most comfortable im close to the kettle! its not freezing and i have a loo on site....Even so i find myself being restricted to dragging home small amounts of material.My work is demanding that i
expand. I am advertising for cheap work space/unit/studio close to skip sites... and on route to dumping sites preferable... I live inNorth West London.